Forex Crypto Bot – MT4 Platform

ABOUT Forex Crypto Bot

Forex Crypto Bot is a software program(MT4-EA.ex4) that trades any financial market including crypto currencies. It operates automatically without the need of any human intervention. This is the holy grail fully automated set and forget trading system that every trader has dreamed of. The robot uses 1 complex strategy, that filters out all the harmful elements in most commercial eas. This system does not increase the lotsize, it does not grid endlessly, and never uses any gambling money management such as martingale.


Statistical Edge

Forex Crypto Bot has a profitable expectancy of 8 pips(adjustable parameter). This helps to ensure you will profit with a real statistical advantage.

Fully Automated
Designed to trade on autopilot using an advanced Daily Optimized Filtering Algorithm to ensure a long lasting profitable edge
Equity Protection

Ready for the inevitable crash? Forex Crypto Bot includes safety features ready to battle any market condition

No Setfiles Required
The robot will adjust automatically by measuring market volatility through out the day
Any Balance Size
You can add or remove money at any time without adjusting the robot. Start with $1000 or 50000, the lotsize adjusts automatically through your journey
All Brokers Supported
The strategy works on all brokers because it does not use HFT, Night Scalping, or News Trading. USA Brokers OK. FIFO OK. with Hedging Option.


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